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October 1, 2006


Rob Granatstein

So what are you saying? You grabbed LeDrew's site before he could and now you're throwing it in his face?


Smart thinking.

originally, the domains were pointing to Miller's site. How/Why did that change?

I guess I should also ask if [MacLaren McCann], the company you work for, has done work for Miller's election team.

Smart move if you did it. A little dirty if it is an organizational decision.

Bill Sweetman

Thanks for your comments, Rob and Matt.

Rob, you seem to have missed the point. LeDrew and/or his campaign marketing people dropped the ball, big time.

Matt, I pointed the domains to Miller's Website for a short period of time while I prepared my "Domain Name Advice for Toronto Mayor Wannabes" post. My rationale was that as a first step in my little 'media experiment' I wanted to ensure that people realized that LeDrew and company had not registered the domains. If I could have, I would have randomly and evenly pointed the domains to ALL of the candidate's Websites, not just Miller's. Oh well...

My 'media experiment' has nothing to do with the company I work for.

Donald Blair

There was a concern that LeDrew's campaign was organized by Miller to thwart Pitfield (and I think that would have backfired).

I am not a Miller supporter but based on your response to Rob and Matt, do you think it's fair to any of the candidates (including Miller) to give people the belief that LeDrew's campaign was in fact organized by the Miller crew? You call it a "media experiment", but it could harm all three of the top mayoral candidates.

If I were you, I'd be concerned if I were violating election rules and laws by pulling a dirty stunt like that.


Bill Sweetman

Thanks for your comment, Donald.

I don't buy the theory that people would believe Miller's camp was behind the domain name pointing since, as I proved, anyone can register a domain name and point it anywhere. Besides, Miller's camp was quick to deny any involvement.

As for harming "all three of the top mayoral candidates" I hardly think the election will hinge on my little "media experiment," flattering though that may be. And I fail to see how this relates to Pitfield.

As for "violating election rules and laws," please point me to the election rule or law that relates to domain names. Seriously, I'd love to see them.

Bill Sweetman

A number of people have asked me if Stephen LeDrew has a Website yet and what its domain name might be. I haven't a clue, although I've been wondering the same thing myself. I did a little digging tonight and what I was able to determine is that someone using the name "Stephen LeDrew" registered the domain name ledrewformayor.com on September 29, 2006 at 10:22 PM. Then, on September 30, someone using the name "Stephen LeDrew" registered the domain name ledrewformayor.ca. The plot thickens...

Chris Haines

That's awesome. Not only a creative way to teach someone a lesson about doing business/politics in the 21st century, but funny as hell too. I had never seen your site before (linked to it from Pierre Bourque), but I like it a lot. You just gained a new regular reader (which I suppose you can thank Stephen LeDrew for).


Preregistering a domain name you have no personal interest in, is dirty pool. All you're stating is, "I'm smarter about the Internet than you, NYAH NYAH NYAH".

Very immature. Domain parkers are in the same category as virus writers and spammers in my books. why to negatively advertise about yourself.

BTW, you are in violation of domain registration policies posted by CIRA and ICANN about domain registration in bad faith.


Chris, I think you're missing Bill's point and the bigger picture.

Besides, I'm sure if Stephen LeDrew wanted to buy the domain off Bill he could get it for either cost or a reasonable price.

Fookin' 'ell I love this part of the linked article:

"LeDrew said he intends to run an unconventional campaign, and will take to the airwaves, using radio and television ads to promote himself"....unconventional? as opposed to what? Morse code, smoke signals maybe.

collin douma

nice burn... It amazes me still that Domain registration is still something that people do not do automatically. If I lived in toronto, I would vote for the other guy.


This is a wake-up call to all would-be contenders. Do your homework or get embarrased. LeDrew got off easy by his Web domain going to a friendly blog, instead of questionable sites.

Alan Kasperski


A 'media experiment' indeed; the 'bigger picture'? What possible, legitimate reasons would you or any else - other than Stephen LeDrew - have for registering those domain names? You have none. Other than to try to embarass LeDrew or benefit Miller. (Note: I know both men personally and am not involved in either campaign). Or to make a few dollars by selling the domains to someone else? Why bother - where are your ethics or sense of what is right? A commentary on his not registering would have been just as effective and not seemingly self-serving.

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