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February 12, 2007


Mitch Joel

Thanks for adding me to this conversation Bill. I've been online for a long time and I obviously looked at my Google-ness (new word?) prior to putting that slide in there.

Regardless of whether there is good or bad stuff about me (thankfully, I don't see too much bad stuff up there), I would still go ahead with this, simply because people will do it regardless of whether or not I ask them to.

In this day and age, you can't afford to ignore what Google says about you (or your company) as my guess is that it's one of the first things anyone does when they are introduced to you.

We all need to be monitoring Google and Technorati. Ignoring it will not make the search results go away.

Leesa Barnes

When I was younger, I cursed my mother for spelling my first name so awkwardly.

Then came Google. And because my first name is spelled so uniquely, when you Google me, it's actually me.

It's not until page 11 that I find a Leesa Barnes that isn't me. She's a gal who completed an 11-week course and earned a designation called "Certified Professional Jeweler".

Wow, I'm glad I'm not her. I mean, how does she optimize herself so that she appears on Page 1 in Google? I'd hate to be that Leesa Barnes.

David Esrati

I teach my students this: "I google, therefore I am."
While being able to google me is great (and I am graced with a unique name, just like my friend Sally Hogshead that almost guarantees the front page) it's being able to find me for what I can offer you?
Looking for "Great ad agencies" there's my firm at number one-
how about in the process of searching for a new ad agency? Search "how to select an ad agency" and there is my agency on the first page.
"Mr. Geography" is great on the first page- if you know to look for him- but if you are looking for a dynamic speaker with great insight on how to jumpstart your life- would you know to type in "Sally Hogeshead"?
Probably not-
We've been teaching seminars on how to get to the front page of Google without paying for it- and business people around here (Dayton OH) don't seem overly interested. Maybe that will change when they read about "How to pick an ad agency" in the May 2007 issue of Inc. Magazine- who interviewed me- because- "I googled" well for that term.

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