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August 16, 2007



Congrats! Sounds like a perfect role for you.

Bryan Person, Bryper.com

Congratulations on the new post, Bill. Tucows is fortunate to have you!

Ken Schafer

Hey Bryan - we know we're fortunate! :)

Welcome to the herd Bill.

Mircea Baldean

Wow, congrats Bill! Sounds like a perfect opportunity for you!

Mitch Joel

Bill, you can't hear it, but I just played the gong wav files you gave me at the CMA National Convention.


Congrats on the new gig. I look forward to raising a glass at the Geek Dinner next week!

You and Ken - together... that's some deadly stuff there. Throw Flackadelic into the lot and look out world!

Leona Hobbs

Hey hey. Flackadelic thinks its pretty awesome to have Bill on board. Tucows is the place to be. Mitch said it best "look out world."

elliot noss

excited to have you bill. wait until the domain world learns what the canadian Internet marketing world already knows!

oh and I found another gem in the portfolio this weekend.... ;-)

Terra Andersen

Congrats Bill! I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job!


Jeff Ginsberg

Hi Bill....

Just read the OneDegree post and realised you moved.

Congratulations...best of luck with the new job!


Tari Akpodiete

Fantastic, Bill! Huge Congrats...

Kevin Jackson

Recently at a networking event I stood up and said that we need to help Tucows - please help Tucows because they are an awesome Canadian company and they need good people - glad to see that my prayers are being answered :).

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