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March 31, 2008


Terra Andersen

The funny thing is that I've seen these exact same ads on various websites... with the WRONG web address on them.. crazy! Someone needs to get fired over there!

Michael Baynger

Bill, it’s certainly a shocker to see such high priced marketing go to waste like that. I can’t help but be reminded of occasions when certain kinds of micro-management biz execs take it upon themselves to ‘design’ a software application rather than let qualified people do the job. The results are often as disastrous.

BTW, my immediate subjective reading of the billboard (which is what kicks in when passing by such things at great speed) was not about donations to a charity but about spoiled kids driving to school in motorized toy vehicles. Granted this interpretation was influenced by catching a glimpse of the city name and, as we all know, la-is-a-great-big-freeway.com.

p.s. I have to say this - by some strange alignment of cosmic forces we both posted about dysfunctional billboards this week. Take a look at my site for more billboard fun...


Many people confuse this ad for http://www.cars4charities.org/

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