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November 16, 2008


Erella Ganon

Bill, thank you again for your negotiating acumen. Thinking back on this experience, I am so thankful for your wife's involvement of course. It is your ability to research the Hawaiian speculator guy and size him up to determine what would convince him to give us the results we were hoping for. I honestly didn't entertain any likelihood that there was much of a possibility that he was going to be reasoned with. I am so pleased to have my domain back.
I really didn't think anyone would have been interested in erella.com other than someone named erella, and there are VERY FEW of us.
Thank you again

Leesa Barnes

Things have definitely changed. I remember 10 years ago when I had let a domain name expire, I could easily re-register it 2, 3 years later. That happened with leesabarnes.com. I registered it back in 2000, let it expire and I was surprised when in 2003, it was still available.

Today, if it expires, someone jumps on it. I've lost 2 domain names that way, although they weren't important to me as erella.com is to Erella.

Great tips you've provided and one of the things I've done with GoDaddy is a domain renewal consolidation. Instead of trying to remember the expiry dates for the 100 or so domain names I own that take place on a 100 different dates, I instead consolidate them to 3 dates in a given year. That means on March 31st, July 31st, November 30th, a certain number of my domain names will renew.

Although it's expensive to renew 30 or so domain names on the same day, it gives me peace of mind knowing that none will expire on me again without my knowledge.

And I do want to thank you, Bill, for acting on my behalf a few times. He's a wealth of domain name knowledge. I'm thankful that you're in my corner Bill.


I completely understand erella's pain, although possibly not to the same extent. I have learned my lesson about letting domain names expire.

As Leesa said, things aren't like they used to be. I would advise that if any part of you wants to keep a domain that you do not, under any circumstance let it expire. You will likely lose it forever. It only costs a few bucks to re-register it and if you're on the fence just go for it and give yourself another year to decide.

Bill seems like a really stand-up guy and is in the process of helping me on a similar matter, and I am very thankful he's in my corner as well.

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