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April 4, 2009



I've got a "variation" of #10 once that went along the lines of:
"Put your floppy in her A:\ drive"

Philip Paradis

Very nice list :). I should start keeping a list of my own, as the creativity of spammers is endless. My favorite subject line from recent history was "Dammit, answer me!" in my Gmail spam queue. It had a nice ring of desperation to it (the "product" of course was stuff to make my private bits bigger). Good stuff.

I'm off to upgrade SpamAssassin now, thanks for reminding me...

John John

Ouch, Ouch, my gut is still aching! And you owe me a new keyboard!


More "Dick Spam" here - http://twitter.com/deandouche - enjoy.


This is nothing. I used to collect spam e-mail subject lines and the ones I have are way way funnier.


To George: I show you mine if you show me yours.


Yeah, e-mail programs should have the spam folder renamed to "humour mail".


Regarding #4:
They might want to have a chat with former Giant Plaxico Burress about carrying big guns in the pants.


Might not lead to bloodshed, but maybe embarrassing stains?


My spam keeps telling me to stop smoking. And I don't even smoke.


Heh, they keep sending me those e-mails offering making my "parts" bigger, but I'm a woman! You don't even know how tempted I am to answer...
And here's one of the latest: "Give her double portion with your new proportion".
That's a poetry people! :)

Evelyn Sinclair

Some of my collection, raging from the sublime --

 "Step on the arousal glory way"

To, well not so sublime:

Exclude flaccid hose risk


Make her shout like alarm
Become her brutal banger
 Liquidate man's main problem
Sharpen your love-sword
Your drawbolt will go deeper in


Support your custard launcher
Get incredible letch for girls
Stop repelling your manliness
Blow her with your hormones
Give her real immoral pleasure
She wants you huge python in her now!


Be a man every time, everywhere, with any woman.
Better wang parameters!
No problem in raising wang
Turn from sparrow to eagle
Your mans engine wont crush
Your mans ship wont sunk
Launch your love spaceship
  Make your meat-stick massive
  Get real rod for doing her
Your wang will reach ceiling
Become macho de luxe
 Be in vanguard of loving mastery
Desire will literally circulate in your wang
Turbines for your meat jet
Become loveworthy one!
Simple and smart way for becoming her best and only man
Make your zipper knight the best in the whole town.


Really awesome power hanging between your legs! Isn't it your dream?
big proud friend in the pants will overshadow the Empire State building.
Make your boner so iron in could pierce a hole in ceiling.
She'll get sweaty when you enter the room because she has tested your amazing organ
Awaken your animal instinct and every girl will see good candidate for a hot night in you
Her moans will go one after another in rhythm of your hard ramming

Distinctly not from the US:

 Makee yoour eretcions eeven stifefr thaan theey weere befroe
Impersonse hard erection disability pills

(As a woman who isn't all that interested in the products for myself or anyone I know, I try to make the best of the spam inundation by appreciating it, and, yes, doing a little curating.)


Funny list. I didn't pay attention to any of my spam emails before. After reading this, I might have a check. haha!

David Parry

My personal favourite spam subject line: "Go all night long... like a sewing machine!"

So, apparently, where they come from, being called "Needle-dick" is not an insult...


I thought I'd (privates-ly) increase the size of my personal folder in my email account just to count how many 'dick spams' I'm recieving. I just checked and there are 100 right now - representing about a week of saving DS's. 72 of which are still unopened. I went as far as to 'hover' my mouse (no NO, not that mouse) over the URL and it appears that almost all of these DS's that I did open originate from a URL that ends with ".cn" - which means they are coming from China.
So, apparently, after three thousand + years of cultural evolution and more recent govt restrictions on having more than one child per household [forced birth control] - the Chinese have opted to help the rest of us to increase our "size & girth" and related capabilities/// why? I suppose "they care" about us. It couldn't be just for the money, right? . . . hmmm
wow - what is this world cuming to?
TangMu [US expat in BANG-KOK Thailand] OH!

Joel Gray

Hahah funny lines! Well, I do not find them effective.

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