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January 3, 2011


Asim Sheikh

Hi Bill,

You have lots of useful info here, it is a great help. I came across you film/domain name review site.
I have a question, I recently brought a domain name that is also the name of a famous film and soon to be TV series. I want to develop it as a fan site.
Am I going to get into any problems, having my domain extactly the same name as a film

Bill Sweetman

Hi Asim,

Although you appear to be well-intentioned, you may run into some problems and could find yourself facing a legal claim or UDRP. If I were you I would speak to a domain name lawyer and/or find a different domain name. Good luck!

Arthur Mist

I agree with the information you have provided with your article and aside from this choosing the right and the best domain name would also attract the SEO and will make your quest for better page ranking easier. The more relevant the web name is the better.

Brad Fallon

I would like to add up something for Asim, I would say that you should find another domain name instead of having the one you bought, it's better to prevent a lawsuit than have one that will cost you one. The earlier the better.

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