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May 20, 2013


Mikey O'Connor

My approach is similar to yours, except I just let the names expire and buy them for the registration fee. I've never had one of the names he's told me about get picked up in an auction 'cause they're such goofy names. For example, now our TNT cats have tntcats.com along with the original tnt-cats.com that triggered the post from our friend "Alex."


what is Alex's email? how does it look like?


I like Alex spamming me.........because it reminds me to get the expired domains that I really want for $8.30

for example if I own CoffeeBean.com, Alex reminds me to get the 's' version of CoffeeBeans.com for only $8.30 if it's fully expired.

Good for me........


Thank you for letting me know.

So in essence the Alex Bot is helpful - reminds us when something that might be interesting expires.

Perhaps one might try this trick (hope Alex doesn't read) :
- For a name that you have no interest in, reply to Alex and pretend to be willing to pay some big bucks for it. Let Alex win the auction (hopefully there is one) and then , of course, don't buy ;-)


What is the present world record for the total number of spam emails from Alex for one specific domain? No, not the ones from Domain inquiry or Domain Opportunity they don't count, but from the actual, genuine "Alex". I know, .... I have a perverse interest in such things. Sorta a cult following.

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