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September 3, 2013


Gaurav Kohli

Great point to bring up Bill!

If you look at it from the point of view of the company that holds the domain you want, I think they find it strange that somebody would approach them for a domain name they own.

More than that, they find it difficult to deal with individuals & that's where a domain brokering company needs to step in & establish some credibility in the interest in the domain name & catalyse the negotiations.


Wouldn't it be altogether better if said domain were sitting on the shelf of the registrar itself for $10 instead of being held for ransom by a domain speculator?


MS, you do not have an idea what you are speaking about. Good domains would never be available in the first place. either another end-user owns them from who you'll hardly ever have opportunity to buy or a domain speculator. remember the domain would never be available, it's 2013 for Christ's sake!


Nice article!

Edgar Waters

Also interesting to note that of the over 100 million .com domains currently registered, about 70% of those are being PPC'd by speculators that are trying to offload them for ridicules prices that will never be met. Since these speculators pay a low yearly registration fee per domain i.e. $8.03, the money they earn from parking these domains offsets their costs meaning they can afford to sit on an unfairly marked up doman indefinitely until some uneducated sucker nibbles on the line and gets dragged in.

Bill Sweetman

@ Edgar Waters, thank you for your comment. The domain speculators who read your comment will get a chuckle out of it. Domain parking is no longer the cash cow it used to be. The vast majority of domains owned by speculators do not recoup their registration fee via parking. Those days are long gone, and that is why domain speculators are really focused on sales these days *and* have generally lowered their prices. Their parking loss is your (the buyer's) gain.

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