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April 7, 2015



I've been involved in domaining since '97, am a TM lawyer and seasoned entrepreneur, and have read domain-related blogs as long as they've been around -- and I've neither heard of you, nor tried to connect with you.

So when you post arrogant messages like this to 'school' the neophytes, your audience will deduce that you're likely targeting young salesmen out there who've tried to connect with you, and you simply couldn't be bothered with them. If that's the case, then just ignore them...why take the time to give the world 'tips' on how they can become part of the 'Sweetman Club'?

Bill Sweetman

Hi Gene, thanks for your comment. The purpose of my blog is to share advice, and I've been doing that here for nearly 10 years. Thanks for stopping by. I don't ask or expect anyone to agree with my advice, but I am entitled to share it on my blog with my loyal readers. I would have thought that the photo of Grumpy Cat (who you might have heard of) and my comment "These are mine, love ‘em or hate ‘em." made it abundantly obvious that I knew not everyone will like my LinkedIn rules.

Frank Michlick

I got another reason when I don't accept LinkedIn requests:

I email the person asking them to help me figure out how we know each other and they do not bother to respond...

Where possible I usually try to send personal messages along with my connection requests, but unfortunately some screens on LinkedIn just send a standard default message.

N. Jones

I'm going to send you an invite. Today.


I find it hilarious that a guy who makes a good portion of his living by randomly emailing people, and attempting to purchase their domains on the down low, is to good to accept invites.

You have no issue disturbing other people for the greater good of your own profit, but when someone does it to you, then you essentially flip the scenario around.

No wonder tucows stock price is finally up!


I am not mad about Linkedin connection......99% or nearly all of Linkedin members are trying to sell their business products and services to me...very annoying..... I like Facebook, Twitters and Pinterest instead, they are more humane.....

Bill Sweetman

Hi MikeH. Glad you found my post entertaining. For the record, I've never randomly emailed people attempting to purchase their domains. That's not what a domain buyer broker does. I also welcome anyone contacting me, but that doesn't mean they get to be one of my LinkedIn connections. Thanks for your comment.

Robert Cleese @ LLG

Yes, I agree. I think profile photo is a very important part of LinkedIn. Also I think no profile photo is better than fake photo!

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