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December 1, 2016



Good man and a nice gesture, but If this did fall into wrong hands couldn't oliver or his people have just filed a udrp. Like the kardasians, Robert downy jr, Tom cruise plus more.


Awesome job Bill. I'm a big fan of his work as well but had no idea the domain expired. All of his movies are true masterpieces. I really like Born on The Fourth of July, JFK and The People vs Larry Flint and rewatch them regularly. Great job!

Eric Borgos

That was a good thing you did.


You'd show good gesture for the rich and famous. Had it been a business or lay person, there would be a price to pay for personal gain. Or is it not? If this is good gesture, then what is snapping expired names (an industry standard) and holding their original owners hostage? Just an observation.


Some people can't wrap their head around someone doing them a favor. I tried to give TheDonald.com to Trump, in person, years ago, and also tried to give Darren S. Cahr his son's Domain Name, only to be rebuffed.

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